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Corporate Wording: Terminology in Companies

Communicate consistently, not just in translation projects

A company’s corporate identity and its visual communication: corporate design

In times of increasingly fierce competition and the flooding of markets with commercial goods that differ very little from each other, it is no longer just the quality and price of products or services that determine whether a company can hold its own on the global market. To be permanently noticed and positively identified, the company must profile itself as a recognisable corporate identity. And it needs a corporate design, the graphic look of its corporate identity, to build up a uniform image with logo, typography, corporate colours, etc., to make an impression and achieve the coveted distinctiveness. Companies can only assert themselves against the competition if they are immediately recognisable and present a clear image of themselves.

Corporate identity is not possible without corporate language

Companies differ in their presentation not just by their logo, colours and design, but also by their language, the corporate wording. Every company sounds different, revealing their mindset, values and culture. Corporate wording (also called corporate language ) encompasses all the company’s internal and external communication. Used consciously, the company sharpens its profile through uniform language, creates recognition value and therefore also success on the market.

Why is a uniform corporate language so important?

How else are you going to sell your products and services if not with language? Corporate design is also very important in that it makes the company appear as a unit both internally and externally, but a picture is not always worth a thousand words.

The quality of the organisation’s internal communication forms the basis for how this company communicates externally and is therefore also an important factor for its competitiveness.

Working with unified terminology

Consistent corporate wording is not only evident in slogans, advertisements and brochures, but also in offers, reply letters and everyday correspondence. If there is a break in communication, the company’s image is no longer consistent and its credibility suffers.

But misunderstandings do not only arise in external communication. By far the most and often the most costly communication problems arise within the company because several terms are used for one and the same thing, or individual specialist departments even cultivate their own terminology, thus hindering the path to an optimal workflow.

Problems like these solve themselves when everyone involved can access and work with unified terminology.

And this is where we come in as language service providers and pioneers in the field of terminology management. We have the appropriate technologies, the experience and the professionals to help you with this.

As described in detail in our What is terminology?  blog post, we will also find the right solution for your company.

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