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CMS connectors

Our system connectors create a “hot wire” to your CMS or editorial system so that data to be translated can be automatically transferred to us and delivered to you after translation. Gone are the days when files had to be painstakingly manually collated, packaged and sent by email or upload. And then the whole thing back in 30 languages! If you work with a CMS or editorial system that supports the “COTI” interface or has API methods for export and import, you can confidently leave this manual work to our REST-based system connectors. We call this “Integration 4.0”.

SAP tools

When it comes to translating SAP content, virtually nothing works without your own tools. That is why we have developed efficient software localization solutions over many years of cooperation, and use them, for example, to identify ‘customizing entries’ for the translation efficiently and accurately. For the subsequent translation process, our tools use a WebService API to tap into SAP’s gigantic translation archive, the SAP Translation Hub, so that existing translations can be used, checked and reused to the maximum extent possible. It doesn’t get more efficient, elegant and cost-effective than that!