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Website & SEO Localization

Integrating our customers’ web content management systems is crucial for efficiently delivering website localization content. We would be happy to suggest a suitable integration approach and define an adequate workflow that will help optimize your website localization experience. Whether the CMS is Typo3, WordPress or Magento, t’works offers a simple and intuitive solution for localizing and managing your multilingual web content. As part of its “end-to-end” website localization solution, t’works also handles packages created according to the COTI (Common Translation Interface) standard.

Making sure that your website content is correctly localized and reflects your company’s brand is critical for the success of your globalization strategy. t’works offers an “end-to-end” website localization solution that is based on the following components: integration, automation, linguistic quality, multilingual content optimization and cost efficiency. When it comes to multilingual content optimization, our in-house teams of linguists can provide keywords suggestions based on research.

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