t'works affiliate company location

t'works affiliate company location

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Software Internationalization & Localization

Software localization is more than just the linguistic adaptation of software to a foreign market. In addition to the user interface with its menus, buttons, dialogue boxes and message texts, online help, documentation, accompanying files, license agreements or advertising and packaging texts also need to be localized. In light of the wide variety of development environments and file formats, you should entrust the localization of your software solutions to a service provider who is familiar with them. Our t’works specialists have been a reliable partner to international software companies for many years and handle projects running into several million words.

The results of our high-quality work can be found in numerous products from well-known software manufacturers.

We translate

Many prominent customers rely on our experience, technical expertise and the necessary intuition for software & IT translations.

The following are examples of the documents and formats we are frequently asked to localize:

  • Software interfaces (human-machine interface, user interface)
  • Online help & operating systems
  • Manuals & documentation
  • Mobile apps