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t'works affiliate company location

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Are you developing SAP add-ons or planning an international roll-out of your customised SAP solution? When translating ABAP screens and programs developed in-house, the usual suspects from classic translation scenarios will probably not be of much help to you. SAP software translation projects are by nature extremely complex and have many pitfalls. To ensure that the user interface is translated correctly, completely and consistently in the target language, you should consult SAP translation professionals as early as possible.

Does your software include Fiori elements as well as ABAP components? No worries! We will be happy to develop a rational approach for you that enables the consistent handling of different resource types, to exclude texts not relevant for translation in a professional scoping process and ensure that no texts are missing on the translated screens. This is done by automatically searching for translatable texts in all relevant development packages and transport orders.

In addition to the well-established SAP translation tools and best practice, we use our own tools. For example, they optimize the translation of customizing texts or master data or, if necessary, allow for the efficient use of the SAP Translation Hub.

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t’works has extensive expertise and years of experience in translating and localizing SAP.

The following are examples of the text types or services we are frequently asked to translate: