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The need to provide organizational stakeholders with better and more targeted information about your own products and processes has drastically increased over recent years. Global companies have recognized this requirement and invested in specific learning management systems. At t’works we can develop and help your organization to deliver fully localized versions of your e-learning content. Our “end to end” e-learning localization service covers all languages, learning delivery environment and file types, is delivered on time and within your specific budget. Our specialists can see at a glance which obstacles and pitfalls are lurking in the localization of your e-learning content and how they can be elegantly avoided. We ensure that your global customers, suppliers and employees are provided with better and more targeted information about your products, services and processes in the language they understand best: their own.

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What’s really important?

Adapting software to new target markets is a combination of the most diverse processes:

  • Expert use of Translation Memory tools – for consistency and savings
  •  Use of software promoting compatibility with your authoring environment
  •  Ability to deliver on multiple e-Learning formats, including Articulate, Moodle and Adobe Captivate
  • Access to professional multilingual voice talents and own recording facility allowing for a complete integration between audio-visual and voiceover – in any language