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Papperlapapp: Multilingualism for Children

t’works affiliate ASI has been supporting the presentation of PAPPERLAPAPP with literary translations since 2019, making the bilingual picture book magazine for children a favourite read.

PAPPERLAPAPP is all about surprise, imagination and, in particular, vivid language. The bilingual children’s magazine can be read aloud by adults, but also motivates children to start reading by themselves and ultimately encourages every child to dive into the world of books. 

In collaboration with ASI, different language pairs are offered. Easy learning of a first foreign language in combination with children’s own mother tongue is an important stepping stone towards multilingualism.  

History and much more

Each issue usually includes two main stories, a comic, a hidden object game, brainteasers and a craft activity. Established authors address fascinating topics and content, while illustrators provide entertaining and creative pictures that talk. 

ASI’s professional literary translators foster reading, participation and the creation of a multi-coloured world for young children, thereby sparking joy in using language.  

Language meets language: fun and games plus language

Each issue of PAPPERLAPAPP promotes early linguistic advancement. Featuring high-quality translations from ASI, the magazines are used in the home, in nursery schools and also in primary schools. Each story can initially be read in the child’s mother tongue before another language from the generally new environment is acquired in a fun way. An educationally valuable tool, it creates trust with twice the impact.

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At a glance

  • Client: PAPPERLAPAPP  
  • Collaboration since: seit 2019 
  • Language combinations: German-Albanian, German-Arabic, German-Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, German-Chechen, German-English, German-Italian, German-Luxembourgish, German-Polish, German-Portuguese, German-Romanian, German-Turkish as well as French-Finnish
  • Services: translation, copy-editing, proofreading
  • Text types: magazine for children
  • More information: 
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