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Angelika Gunzinger, Sales t'works Language Services

Angelika Gunzinger

Senior Sales Manager

E angelika.gunzinger@t-works.eu

I was born in 1966 and grew up with the subject of mechanical engineering.

I have been working with new and existing customers in the sales department at t’works for over 10 years now, and I have become very experienced in this area. During that time I was made Senior Sales Manager. Purposeful, bubbly, articulate, confident and assertive – no company that requires any kind of translation is safe from me! Each day, I call companies to try and get the most direct route to the decision-makers. When finding your way each day in a tangle of potential contact persons, you don’t just need an alert mind, you also need a great deal of experience.

Daniel Kaminski, Key Account Manager at t'works

Daniel Kaminski

Business Developer

E daniel.kaminski@lexcelera.com

My name is Daniel Kaminski and I have worked for Lexcelera – part of the t’works group now, as a Business Development Manager for the health sector since January 2019.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business & Marketing, I was responsible for the development of commercial activities in different service structures, where I gained experience for 4 years. My work has always consisted in communicating with customers, analyzing the problems, and showing a good understanding of the issues in order to propose customized solutions to our partners.

At Lexcelera, I seek to make my clients’ day-to-day lives easier by suggesting to take on multi-local communication projects which require external expertise. I have a solid understanding of the problems associated with the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industries. With the support of industry experts, I regularly exchange ideas with my interlocutors on topics related to the marketing of new products or medicines, brand identity or even e-learning.

Boris Liabeuf, Business Development Manager

Boris Liabeuf

Business Development Manager

E boris.liabeuf@lexcelera.com

I am Boris and I joined Lexcelera in 2016. I am responsible for the company’s business development with regard to major international accounts. I have technical knowledge as well as a good global overview of businesses and their organization. Since I am quite dynamic and a good listener, I quickly grasp the problems faced by those I speak to and suggest personalized solutions for them.

Upon the completion of my degree, I entered the industry as a technical salesman and rapidly advanced to the position of product manager with a sales team. I then continued my career with a fledgling translation agency for 3 years, where I was involved in the establishment of the sales department and actively contributed to a significant increase in sales revenue.

Mischa Mikolasek, Senior Project and QA Manager

Mischa Mikolasek

Sales Manager

E mischa.mikolasek@asint.at

I’m Mischa Mikolasek and I have been working at ASI since 2011. After completing my Master’s degree in Translation, I applied to work there as a translator. The result was 11 years in project management, where I mainly supported major customers. I joined the sales team in February 2022 to reinforce our efforts there. 

My school education at the Lycée Français de Vienne meant that I became familiar with an international environment in my very early childhood and, straight after I finished there, I went off to Milan to work as an au-pair for a year. 

My desire for adventure was a recurring theme in my career. As a young family, we had the opportunity to move to Sweden for a few years, surrounded by lakes and birch trees. It was an exciting experience, both personally and professionally, that I didn’t want to miss out on. 

Back in Vienna, I was determined to set a new course in my career and decided to study translation sciences. 

In my free time, I enjoy learning Greek, reading French novels and trying not to forget my Italian – how to keep up with all these languages?! 

Melanie Reissmann, Sales Manager by t'works

Melanie Reissmann

Sales Manager

E melanie.reissmann@t-works.eu

I was born in 1984 and grew up in Aachen. I completed my commercial apprenticeship there and then I lived and worked in various different countries.

At t’works, I love that we get on really well as a team and that I can incorporate my experience in customer care.

I also volunteer for animal rescue on Samos, but also beyond the country’s borders.

This commitment challenges me, but at the same time, it’s also a good balance for work and a project that’s close to my heart.

I’m looking forward to having great discussions and working together with everyone.