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Angelika Gunzinger, Sales t'works Language Services

Angelika Gunzinger
Senior Account Manager

My name is Angelika Gunzinger. I was born in 1966 and grew up with the subject of mechanical engineering. My father, Hermann Weichs, developed the first Streumaster spreader, “System Weichs” in 1968. Several patents were filed under the Streumaster System Weichs brand in subsequent years. My father was not only on the management board of the Reißl (Streumaster) company, but later also founded FHW-Brenntechnik, where he developed and built flue gas desulfurization plants and coal combustion plants. While I was training to be a technical draftswoman, I sometimes worked for my dad at the company.

For more than 10 years now, I have been working on the new customer front and existing customer care in the t’works sales department and am therefore very experienced in this area. I am now a senior account manager. Purposeful, lively, articulate, confident and assertive – no company that might need translations in any form is safe from me. Day after day, I phone my way past hostile switchboards and outer offices on a direct route to the decision-makers. Finding your way through a maze of potential contacts and decision-makers in larger companies on a daily basis not only requires an alert and trained mind, but also plenty of experience.

I live in an old farmhouse with a huge garden surrounded by lots of nature. Quite a few animals have also found their home here. My children and grandchildren are frequent visitors, which I always love. I like to going on motorbike tours through beautiful scenery with many surprises.

I enjoy taking long walks in our beautiful area that is so close to nature. Slowing down and clearing your head outdoors always helps. My opinion is that you “have to walk to stop thinking.”

Daniel Kaminski, Key Account Manager at t'works

Daniel Kaminski
Business Developer

My name is Daniel Kaminski and I have worked for Lexcelera – part of the t’works group now, as a Business Development Manager for the health sector since January 2019.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business & Marketing, I was responsible for the development of commercial activities in different service structures, where I gained experience for 4 years. My work has always consisted in communicating with customers, analyzing the problems, and showing a good understanding of the issues in order to propose customized solutions to our partners.

I’ve been active in sports since a young age and I try to transfer my personal values in everyday life through proactive communication. Intrigued by global development, I love to travel in order to discover different cultures and read literary works about the impact of digital technology on our society.

At Lexcelera, I seek to make my clients’ day-to-day lives easier by suggesting to take on multi-local communication projects which require external expertise. I have a solid understanding of the problems associated with the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industries. With the support of industry experts, I regularly exchange ideas with my interlocutors on topics related to the marketing of new products or medicines, brand identity or even e-learning.

Boris Liabeuf, Business Development Manager

Boris Liabeuf
Business Development Manager

I am Boris and I joined Lexcelera in 2016. I am responsible for the company’s business development with regard to major international accounts. I have technical knowledge as well as a good global overview of businesses and their organization. Since I am quite dynamic and a good listener, I quickly grasp the problems faced by those I speak to and suggest personalized solutions for them.

Regarding my background: After 2 years studying economics and management at university, I entered IFAG, a business school which provides training in entrepreneurship as well as in marketing and management. Having a strong interest in foreign languages and culture, I took several trips in Europe, Africa and Russia, and also lived in the Czech Republic and Australia for a while.

Upon the completion of my degree, I entered the industry as a technical salesman and rapidly advanced to the position of product manager with a sales team. I then continued my career with a fledgling translation agency for 3 years, where I was involved in the establishment of the sales department and actively contributed to a significant increase in sales revenue.

Mischa Mikolasek, Senior Project and QA Manager

Rodrigo Cristina
Group Customer Experience Champion

My name’s Rodrigo and I’m t’works group customer experience champion. I’m Portuguese by birth and a citizen of the world by choice. I’ve lived in different countries but been calling the UK home for the last ten years. Like most professionals in the language industry, I landed in translation and localization by total chance. In 2005 I responded to a job add for a commercial position in a translation company and never looked back since. Despite my background in business administration, namely finance and marketing, I’ve always been passionate about languages and how people, services and goods get connected at a global scale. For the last 15 years, I’ve seen the industry evolve in more ways than I thought would be possible and all of these changes in processes and the way we deliver language services, have been greatly fuelled by technology. For me it’s a really exciting time to be part of the language industry and embrace this incredible community of localisation and translation experts.

I’ve joined the t’works group at the start of 2021 with a clear mandate to raise awareness for a new brand and a new value proposition in the language services’ market. It’s been a very interesting journey as I’ve been able to utilize my experience and expertise to expose the company to Enterprise level opportunities through a value-driven approach. This value-driven approach, completely aligned with t’works core principles, is focused on the localisation outcome for our clients and not just on the delivery. The language services industry is changing and t’works wants to be part and contribute decisively for the positive change that’s just around the corner.