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Say hello to new audiences with multimedia localization

When you deliver your organization’s message
via culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate forms of content,
the benefits can be huge

What exactly is multimedia localization?

Got lots of great content you want to use in new markets? Then adapting it to the language and culture of those markets is essential.

Maybe you’ve made a brilliant video for a new marketing campaign or designed some super cool e-learning materials and you want to use these for different audiences that speak different languages.

Adapting communication that combines a variety of formats like text, graphics, animation, audio and video for the needs of a new market, well, that’s multimedia localization.

t’works’ terminology management will ensure the consistency and technical accuracy of your company’s corporate language for all your translation projects.

Localizing your multimedia content,

  • Maximizes the effectiveness and longevity of your original media

  • Helps you make better and stronger connections with new customers

  • Grows your brand’s authority in new markets

  • Amplifies your SEO

  • Improves customer satisfaction

  • Increases sales

The importance of multimedia localization

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The t’works advantage:

• 15 years’ experience, hundreds of projects, expertise in all common e-learning and audio-video tools

• In-house studios

• Extensive roster of professional, native-speaker voice talent in 50+ languages

• Specialized and highly qualified internal staff, including bilingual producers and directors

• Quality-driven

• Multimedia production in the language of your choice

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