gender-equitable language by t'works

Language can be your company’s superpower

Use this power to create an inclusive workplace where everyone connected with your company feels represented

Whether you’re an expanding global business or an SME with a diverse workforce, using inclusive language in all communication and in all languages has never been more important. Rapidly shifting forms of expression reflecting growing social awareness and remote work increasingly bringing together colleagues from different cultures, mean paying attention to the words and phrases you use in any language, is essential.

Why inclusive language is important

Recognizing and representing people’s identity in the workplace through language matters.

  • It promotes employee wellbeing

  • And creates a respectful, positive working environment.

  • It enables better communication

  • And encourages the best candidates to your organization.

  • Ultimately, by nurturing a better and more collaborative workplace, it increases productivity.

Our new White Paper, ‘Getting to the core of gender-equitable language’ takes a close look at one of the most significant issues in world communication today.

Download it here

and learn about the best approaches to achieving gender-inclusive expression.

How t’works can help

How does t’works manage
and use your corporate language?

At t’works we are communication experts. We help organizations use the best language both in-house and across borders. We have teams of highly skilled translators, reviewers, content creators and cultural specialists who will make sure your company’s language speaks to everyone.

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and why it’s crucial for your business, at the t’works blog.

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