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E-Learning Localization with Voice Over

Since January 2021, text&form has been supporting Keller Partner GmbH in the localization of e-learning courses and the associated videos as well as other didactic media.

As a general management consultancy and training organization with holistic management systems, KellerPartner GmbH, based in Bonn, ensures that organizations remain viable in the long term. In doing so, Keller Partner works not only for but above all with its customers, offering individual solutions that help ensure that these management systems are recognized and experienced as meaningful and useful by people in the organizations – even in different cultural contexts.

Customers from business, industry and society need high visibility for topics and content that help them deal effectively with complexity – especially in the face of constant change. Keller Partner’s media-didactic state-of-the-art but still personal eAcademy ( ) contains the most important topics from leadership, management and communication. These are prepared in such a way that the training participants can work on making individual behaviors and procedures more flexible at the levels of managing a business, managing people and managing yourself.

Media types:  E-Learning Courses, Videos & Graphics

text&form’s support for KellerPartner GmbH focuses on the localization of diverse e-learning content. The translations are performed in XLF files, which are exported from the client’s own authoring tool and are imported directly after translation. When localizing the videos and audio sequences included in the courses, the KellerPartner team has the possibility to choose between different professional speakers.

Success Factors: All-round Service at the Highest Level

The expertise of our linguists working in their own native languages, who competently and professionally translate the content into the target language, as well as the comprehensive quality assurance ensure that the customer’s expectations are met exactly.

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At a Glance

  • Customer: KellerPartner GmbH 
  • Period: January to March 2022 
  • Language pair: German to English (UK) 
  • Services: Translation of e-learning content and video subtitles, voice overs 
  • Media types: E-Learning Courses, Videos & Graphics 
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