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An initiative by the t'works group
to support local artists
in the coronavirus crisis

The Christmas countdown is running

This year each company of the t’works group will collect donations for an arts project in its home city. The pandemic has hit the arts and culture sector very hard and in order to support our local artists, musicians, writers, actors, performers and all those involved in this industry, each of our companies has chosen local cultural projects to support and promote.

Instead of gifting to our colleagues, we’re asking that the money be given to help these vital organisations which contribute so much to the vibrancy and wellbeing of our society. We will introduce one project from each city every few days in December, starting with Schweinfurt and following on with Berlin, Vienna and Geisenhausen.

Keep an eye on our social media for details of each campaign.

The Christmas countdown is running
KulturPackt e.V. aus Schweinfurt

KulturPackt e.V. in Schweinfurt

KulturPackt has been in existence now for over 25 years and has 310 members. Its focus is to promote culture in Schweinfurt.

What does KulturPackt do?

To start with its principle objective is ‘Not Everyone for Themselves’. It aims to work alongside the city’s artists and cultural institutions to create something special, non-commercial and beyond what is mainstream. KulturPackt connects, networks, mediates, makes contacts. It promotes the many talents of the Schweinfurt area, the regional art scene and gives everyone a forum. It develops its own event formats and therefore helps to promote artists who were previously not well known. It has a broad concept of art: music, painting, graphics, sculpture, literature, theatre, cabaret, juggling, magic, photography, film, video, installation, performance, dance…

KulturPackt works together with all parts of the Schweinfurt cultural community and so encourages and promotes its further development.

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Schweinfurt - t'works Niederlassung

KulturPackt für Schweinfurt e.V.
Burggasse 2 D-97421 Schweinfurt

Phone: +49 9721-803577

IBAN DE83 7935 0101 0000 0317 81
at the Sparkasse SW-HAS

kunsterhalten in Vienna, Christmas Charity Campaugn by the t'works group

#kunsterhalten in Vienna

#kunsterhalten is a joint initiative by several arts organisations, created and managed by these same organisations (and free of charge for those participating) with the aim of preserving and supporting the arts during these difficult times. #kunsterhalten is not a charitable association, however, as a marketing platform they can offer a way of promoting art and culture and coordinating donations for each individual museum, theatre, concert hall etc.
kunsterhalten in Vienna - Charity Campaign by the t'works

Technologiestraße 8
Postfach 207
A-1121 Wien

Phone: +43/1/602 39 12 – 0

Kulturring Berlin - weihnachtliche Spendenaktion by t'works

Kulturring in Berlin

Kulturring in Berlin is a non-profit association that promotes art and culture in 15 institutions in almost all districts of Berlin, through exhibitions, concerts, readings, publications and projects.

Berlin-wide non-profit: culture, art and education through voluntary work, employment support and federal voluntary service.

“We are part of the independent cultural arts scene, and open to all who join us in promoting cultural interaction and cultural diversity. Intercultural projects, which aim to champion the coexistence of different cultures in residential areas of the city, are a key part of our mission. Every year Kulturring organises special arts events or theme months when established artists enter into direct dialogue with their audience and young artists are introduced to the broader public. Kulturring began in 1994 and has its roots in the Kulturbund, founded in 1945 (then: Kulturbund zur demokratischen Erneuerung Deutschlands), of which it is now the Berlin regional association.”

Berlin - donations for arts and culture by t'works

Kulturring in Berlin e.V.
Ernststr. 14/16
12437 Berlin

Donation account
IBAN: DE41 100 708 480 5256219 01

Geisenhausen - Spendenaktion t'works-Gruppe

Xaver Hellmeier

The young jazz drummer, Xaver Hellmeier is now one of the most sought-after jazz drummers in the business.

His playing style is influenced by the great masters of jazz such as Max Roach, Billy Higgins, Art Taylor and Jimmy Cobb.

He learned his craft in Munich, Vienna and New York with Carl Allen, Joe Farnsworth, Mario Gonzi and Alvin Queen and in recent years has played with jazz greats John Marshall, Vincent Herring, Jesse Davis, Mike LeDonne, Eric Alexander, Champian Fulton and David Hazeltine, among others. He has already performed in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Belarus & Mongolia.

In April 2017, his album ‘Apache Dance’, recorded with ECHO Jazz Award winner Johannes Enders, was released.

Xaver Hellmeier All-Star Quintett
Leipzig - Spendenaktion von der t'works-Gruppe

Judith van Waterkant

Judith van Waterkant, based in her adopted home of Leipzig, is a DJ and lecturer in the fields of theatre and health awareness. She is also active behind the scenes in many arts and cultural projects: she supports other musicians on a voluntary basis and curates the podcast ‘Feat. Fem’. She also teaches stress and suicide prevention classes for children, teens and young adults, as well as theatre.

Under the Corona Protection Ordinance, she is no longer able to work as a visiting lecturer in schools and cannot perform. In addition to losing her income she has also slipped through the net of government assistance in various ways. Visiting lecturers for example, do not qualify, and aid packages for the self-employed do not help freelancers as living and housing costs are not covered. Unfortunately, the vast majority of freelancers work from a home office and so do not have an eligible place of business.

Judith van Waterkant - Spendenaktion von der t'works Gruppe