Top tips for successful international SEO

In our last blog about international search engine optimization (SEO for short) we talked about how moving your products or services into new markets means upping your SEO game. High positions on search rankings require planning and investment and don’t happen by accident. You might have cracked it at home but a new country and a new language is a whole different story.

EnssnerZeitgeist has been climate neutral for a year now

Congratulations: Our affiliate company EnssnerZeitgeist has been climate neutral for a year now. Comprehensive climate action concerns all of us. That is why we avoid unnecessary emissions, reduce existing emissions and offset unavoidable emissions.

t’works achieves highest ranking

After strong recent growth t’works has now risen to a new top position of 59 on the Slator Index and 76 on the Nimdzi 100 list, both of which classify the world’s largest Language Service Providers (LSPs) for 2022.

XTM Connect for SAP Systems

t’works partner LUDECKE and XTM International have recently announced the release of XTM Connect for SAP® Systems. This new version of the tool integrates with XTM Cloud – the Translation Management System from XTM - and offers translators an easy-to-use, web-based translation editor for SAP texts.The new tool will give users access to a cloud-based translation environment, yet still provide them with powerful features. In just a few clicks, you can push texts from custom Fiori apps, Z transactions, or master data texts etc. from the SAP system to XTM Cloud. LUDECKE founder and CEO is Martin Lüdecke, Director of SAP Consultancy at t’works company text&form and with a long history of helping SAP customers and partners with SAP translation. According to Martin, XTM Connect for SAP® Systems means ‘translation just got a lot easier for companies running SAP’.

Europe’s Living Languages

Did you know that the ancient and mysterious language of Basque (or Euskara) is possibly the oldest language in Europe and that scholars remain unsure of its origins? Crazy huh? But true. It’s believed that Basque, still spoken in the western regions of the Spanish and French Pyrenees, is thousands of years old and could date back to as early as 200 BCE.

Plunet as central management software

Plunet, the practical management tool for translation projects, has not only convinced the Schweinfurt-based company Enssner Zeitgeist, but now also three other affiliates of the t'works Group.

t’works continues its rise

t’works continues its rise as one of the fastest growing companies in the language services industry and has been classed 13th among companies deriving most revenue from the specialized manufacturing sector.

Adobe FrameMaker – new support with XLIFF format

The latest version of FrameMaker now facilitates the translation process by integrating XLIFF as a new export and import format. This maximizes the use of the translation memory based on previous work. A smart update that saves us all time.

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