Getting the most from post-editing machine translation

Post-editing machine translation (PEMT), a hybrid approach that combines the speed and low-cost element of the machine with the expert knowledge and feel for language of the linguist, is however, growing in popularity. And if you are a user of the WordPress content management platform, opting for one of the many multilingual plugins on the market will let you take full advantage of this method to build your web pages in different languages without too much stress.

Thinking of going multilingual with your website?

Whilst the MT route with its promise of low-cost, high-speed translation is undoubtedly appealing, not having a human involved in the translation of your website would be an oversight. Only human translators have the cultural savvy and expert knowledge to guarantee your website delivers your organization’s message in new languages. They understand how to make sure your website appeals to a local audience and they should play a key role in the translation of your global online content.

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