Translation Mastery and Magic

‘Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence’, George Steiner, writer, literary critic and philosopher. International Translation Day, celebrated every year on 30th September, is a fantastic opportunity to think about the indispensable role translation plays in our lives (and to give ourselves and our fellow language industry professionals a well-earned pat on the back!).

6 Steps to Make the Most of Your Translation Budget

You have a budget for translation and localization and must now plan how to get the most out of it. After many years in the translation business, we can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: Preparation is everything. An ill-prepared rollout or translation project can result in missing translations, mixed-language screens (in the case of software localization), inconsistent terminology, and multiple review cycles. But you can avoid much of this and still make the most of your budget. We’ll walk you through those steps in this article.

The election to the board of QSD

Congratulations to our t’works CEO Christian Enssner, on his election to the board of QSD - the Association of Quality Language Services in Germany.

6 Steps to Preparing for a Software Localization Project

Scope Creep With Your Localization Project? We know that all projects begin with good intentions to stay on budget, but at t'works, we’ve become so highly skilled at project scoping that we give you the exact cost of the entire project.

What’s the Difference Between Translation and Localization?

A quick primer on the difference between localization and translation as it pertains to software development. Software companies localize their applications to come closer to speaking their end users’ language. Not only does that translate into higher rates of user adoption, but it will also translate into increased revenues.

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