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Come here to keep up to date with news from the (language) world. We deal with interesting topics to do with technical and media-related translation, transcreation, localisation, SAP translation, terminology and intercultural issues.

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December 2021

XTM Connect for SAP Systems

t’works partner LUDECKE and XTM International have recently announced the release of XTM Connect for SAP® Systems. This new version of the tool integrates with XTM Cloud – the Translation Management System from XTM - and offers translators an easy-to-use, web-based translation editor for SAP texts.The new tool will give users access to a cloud-based translation environment, yet still provide them with powerful features. In just a few clicks, you can push texts from custom Fiori apps, Z transactions, or master data texts etc. from the SAP system to XTM Cloud. LUDECKE founder and CEO is Martin Lüdecke, Director of SAP Consultancy at t’works company text&form and with a long history of helping SAP customers and partners with SAP translation. According to Martin, XTM Connect for SAP® Systems means ‘translation just got a lot easier for companies running SAP’.

November 2021

Meeting the Multilingual Content Challenge

Making sure your content connects to your global audience in the right way and enables you to build a trusting relationship with them can seem a big hill to climb, especially on top of assessing new hires, securing extra funding, adapting your products and everything else international expansion entails. But it’s important that addressing language and culture doesn’t become an afterthought.

What exactly is content and should yours be multilingual?

Content can be technical, journalistic, marketing or educational but the definition is relatively fluid. When it’s intended to have an impact with an end user then it’s content. Although content can take the form of art, books and performance, today we mostly associate it with the digital realm.

t’works group exhibits at the tekom annual conference

A team of experts from the t’works group will be participating at the tekom annual conference for the first time this year. We’re looking forward to exciting discussions and a lively exchange of experiences on the most important trends and tools in the field of technical communication.

October 2021

t’works at #LocWorld45

t’works is thrilled to be participating in the innovative and globally recognized language industry event #LocWorldWide45, happening virtually from 19th to 21st October.

September 2021

Translation Mastery and Magic

‘Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence’, George Steiner, writer, literary critic and philosopher. International Translation Day, celebrated every year on 30th September, is a fantastic opportunity to think about the indispensable role translation plays in our lives (and to give ourselves and our fellow language industry professionals a well-earned pat on the back!).

We make global easy

The rebranding of our company was still missing the icing on the cake: a new tagline. But which one suits us? We spent days and nights on it and racked our brains a couple of times, but the ideal tag was right under our noses, or rather to be found at our French colleagues at Lexcelera: “We make global easy”.

Europe’s Living Languages

Did you know that the ancient and mysterious language of Basque (or Euskara) is possibly the oldest language in Europe and that scholars remain unsure of its origins? Crazy huh? But true. It’s believed that Basque, still spoken in the western regions of the Spanish and French Pyrenees, is thousands of years old and could date back to as early as 200 BCE.

Why it is indispensable to have your new brand/product undergo a Multilingual Name Check

“What’s in a name?” uttered Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. But does it hold true nowadays? When it comes to brand or product names destined for the international stage, then you shouldn’t take this figure of speech at its word. Instead, it is highly advisable to carry out thorough research to avoid committing a blunder. Especially today, in a hyperconnected world, mishaps in naming brands or products don’t escape anyone and will stick in consumers’ heads.

Plunet as central management software

Plunet, the practical management tool for translation projects, has not only convinced the Schweinfurt-based company Enssner Zeitgeist, but now also three other affiliates of the t'works Group.

August 2021

t’works continues its rise

t’works continues its rise as one of the fastest growing companies in the language services industry and has been classed 13th among companies deriving most revenue from the specialized manufacturing sector.

Adobe FrameMaker – new support with XLIFF format

The latest version of FrameMaker now facilitates the translation process by integrating XLIFF as a new export and import format. This maximizes the use of the translation memory based on previous work. A smart update that saves us all time.

July 2021

t’works Giveaways

The new, completely rebranded t’works logo is now visible pretty much everywhere. We’d like to celebrate this with some new giveaways. Because it’s summertime, we decided to hand out colorful beach balls in keeping with the new multicolored logo, and 1-liter glass water bottles, wrapped in a dark blue, easy-to-grip cover.


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