Why Localizing Your E-Learning Matters

E-learning is on the rise. Where once this form of education might have been viewed as an inferior way of gaining a qualification and its providers not on a par with more well-established bodies of schooling, it is now firmly accepted as a high quality, practical and cost-effective means of training.

Inclusive Language in the Multilingual Workplace

Using language that doesn’t discriminate against anyone within an organization, and where no one feels marginalized by words and phrases that they see and hear, is an important aspect of any inclusion and diversity strategy today. This also means ensuring that the same is true in all the languages and in all branches of a business or company, wherever in the world they might be.

The Language of International Recruitment

In the language industry we have long been accustomed to remote working and borderless teams. With our principal objective of facilitating cross-cultural communication, we are used to our colleagues being dotted around the globe and working in different languages to ours. We know to prioritize straightforward language and communication channels, respect time zones and global holidays, the value of a multilingual workplace and the importance of providing translated company documentation.

At t’works we make global easy

t’works helps you connect with all the stakeholders involved your organization and our expert teams combine with the latest language technology to help you communicate with the world.

Statement by t’works group regarding the war in Ukraine

As part of an open, free, and international scientific community, we express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are suffering the consequences. Our thoughts are with the people affected who long for and support a peaceful resolution of this conflict. Our hopes for an immediate end to the aggression and violent operations in the Ukraine will never weaken.

Corporate Wording: Terminology in Companies

Consistent corporate wording is not only evident in slogans, advertisements and brochures, but also in offers, reply letters and everyday correspondence. If there is a break in communication, the company’s image is no longer consistent and its credibility suffers.

How close is machine translation to human translation?

Against the backdrop that a good half of all languages spoken worldwide are threatened with extinction, UNESCO has been commemorating the importance of language as a cultural asset with this annual day of remembrance since 2000. It aims to promote linguistic diversity and the use of the mother tongue, as well as to raise awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions, and in 2022 the theme is "Using technology for multilingual learning: challenges and opportunities."

International Mother Language Day 2022

International Mother Language Day has got us thinking about the meaning and importance of our mother tongue. The language we hear from birth, our mother language, helps us understand the world around us and gain vital literacy and learning skills. Our first langauge also influences how we learn other languages as we grow up, even if we no longer actively use our native tongue.

E-commerce localization and the benefits it brings

What do we mean by localizing e-commerce content? Every stage of your customer’s e-commerce journey must meet their expectations. What they see and read has to communicate with them seamlessly and effectively. They have to trust the company they’re thinking of spending their money with and believe that it understands their needs. They certainly don’t want to feel like any part of the process is hard work.

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