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What is terminology?

Terminology is defined as all the terms and designations commonly used in a subject area. It is therefore the technical vocabulary, formed from the technical terms, which enables efficient technical communication in the first place and reflects your company’s expertise. 

Certified or not certified?

When official documents are required to present to agencies or public authorities in a language other than their original language, these translations must usually be officially certified to be considered legally valid. But why is that?

Review from The Tool Box Journal

The translate5 Consortium of which t’works is a founding member, has received a positive review from The Tool Box Journal, a leading newsletter for the translation industry written by Jost Zetzsche an independent translator and localization consultant.

Earth Day

Earth Day on 22nd April is more than just one day of the year for us all at t’works. We’re working hard to make sure that we always have Earth Day in mind and that we’re doing as much as we can to protect the planet.

In celebration of Chinese Language Day

As one of the six official languages of the United Nations, Chinese has its own day of celebration on 20th April every year. By ‘Chinese’ the UN is referring to ‘Standard Chinese’, also widely called ‘Mandarin Chinese’.

Patent translations

Among the “Services & Solutions” presented on our website you will find, among many others, the “Patent Translations” section. What exactly are patent translations, though? In this article, we address this question and explain in more detail what a patent is, why and for what purposes a translation is required in this respect, and the qualifications a patent translator has to have. 

AI, Language and Healthcare

It’s only natural that as AI technologies start to help humans live easier and more tech-based lives, the part they play in the realm of healthcare is becoming significant. An already fast-paced, innovative and high investment industry is being propelled into the future by the coronavirus crisis, and as we have previously mentioned in our blog posts, the pandemic is accelerating digitalisation in medicine.

No supply shortages for legal translations

what are the legal consequences for EU companies operating in the UK or doing business with UK companies – and vice versa? This much is certain: there are numerous changes in many areas and therefore an increased need for legal translations of documents. Let us briefly consider some of these areas of law below.

GoAP 2021 Annual Conference

Tomorrow, on March the 10th is the GoAP 2021 Annual Conference where our Group Enterprise Sales Manager Rodrigo Cristina will be talking about a global machine translation program’s ROI (return on investment)

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