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First-class and tailored to your individual needs – ASI’s on-site interpreting services make your corporate events a complete success.

Planning an international summit, a press conference or a supervisory board meeting?
Looking for a professional team of interpreters and organisers to make your corporate event a resounding success? If so, you are in the best hands with ASI. We provide expert advice and guarantee perfect implementation, from both a linguistic and a technical perspective.

Service areas

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Simultaneous interpreting: rendering the message at the same time

UOur highly experienced simultaneous interpreters will assist you in virtually every language combination – in real time and for any number of listeners. This service is suitable for events of all sizes, and we can also supply the technical equipment if required. A special form of simultaneous interpreting is chuchotage, in which the interpreter whispers the interpretation to the listeners. A portable interpretation system can also be used for technical support.

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Consecutive interpreting: rendering the message after the speaker has finished

Consecutive interpreters from ASI translate the spoken word after the speech has been given. This has the advantage in that no technical support is required. However, when planning an event, it is important to bear in mind that this form of interpreting will extend the duration. Consecutive interpreting is therefore best suited to short speeches, festive occasions and high-level events.

Examples of the interpreting services we offer

  • Planning, organisation and provision of technical equipment
  • Conference interpreting at international conventions
  • Liaison interpreting at meetings and in court
  • Escort interpreting on guided tours and at trade fairs
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Telephone and video interpreting
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