Foreign language typesetting

No matter in which format or language your future publications are produced, ASI’s foreign language typesetting services will save you time and money.

Anyone who publishes documents in multiple languages knows that the different text lengths and scripts present a considerable challenge. You can leave this obstacle for ASI’s intercultural language experts to overcome. When typesetting in a foreign language, we put our translation directly into the layout and send you the finished product.

Service areas

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Foreign language typesetting: one-stop translation and typesetting

You already have a layout and are looking for a one-stop translation and foreign language typesetting service? Once you have sent us your open data, our translators and designers see to everything else. We translate the content, adjust the text lengths and also consider special characters as well as word divisions and hyphenation. How does this benefit you? We return to you a file that is ready to be printed, with nothing left for you to worry about.

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Desktop publishing (DTP): a graphics service for all conventional formats

Our long-standing collaboration with experienced graphic designers gives you the certainty that your texts will be arranged in the layout for maximum effect. We work with InDesign as well as all other conventional layout programmes. Thanks to ASI’s desktop publishing experience, you can count on your content being presented as it should be. This saves you time as well as money – and gives your publications the edge.

Our foreign language typesetting services

  • Translation of your publication into the desired languages, in compliance with ISO 17100
  • Foreign language typesetting of the translation in the specified layout
  • Exact typesetting, also for complex languages such as Chinese or Japanese
  • Mirroring of the layout for RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic or Hebrew
  • Pre-print proofreading in the layout
  • Quality control and generation of high-resolution PDF files for printing
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