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Corporate language and terminology management

Create a uniform corporate identity in all languages – ASI has useful tools so as to help you with your corporate language.

Having your own corporate language sharpens your company profile. Make use of ASI’s expertise to communicate clearly and unmistakeably with your target group in all of the languages you use. Our language professionals will liaise with you in order to develop the wording for your company and compile style guides as well as glossaries.

Service areas

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Corporate language: customised wording standards and style guides

Which style of language matches our corporate values? How do we write company and brand names? How do we handle abbreviations? Corporate wording standards and style guides are the basis for your company’s strong international presence. The language experts at ASI assist you throughout the entire process – from developing the wording to compiling the style guide for your corporate communication.

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Gender-sensitive language in the company: expert support

How can we communicate gender-sensitively in ten or more languages? Gender-sensitive corporate communication is a focus area for ASI. We advise you on all important aspects, compile customised guidelines and help you implement these throughout your company, also providing training courses for your staff.

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Terminology management: a specialised dictionary for your business

A multilingual terminology database is the bedrock of all projects that we manage for you. Supported by cutting-edge software, we record the technical terms used in the specialised areas of your company. This electronic dictionary is continuously maintained and updated, which allows us to ensure that consistent, up-to-date terminology is used in all of the languages and texts your company produces.

The advantages of having a corporate language

  • Consistent messages in all of your markets
  • Clear rules for all communicators
  • Less effort required for texts and translations
  • Greater confidence in your company and your brand
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