Copywriting/editorial work

From the format to the language to the style, the business texts ASI produces are as distinctive as your company.

Looking to create multilingual business texts with that little bit extra? Or do you need captivating content for your website? This calls for ASI’s linguistic expertise. We copy-edit PR texts and edit advertising copy for business clients. With our help you will find the right words for both your topics and markets.

Service areas

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Conceptualisation: planning your content

Every text, be it a press release or website, brochure or customer magazine, has specific requirements. This is why we ask you a number of questions. Who is your target group? What is the core message? What value can you add? Together we formulate the answers to these questions so that you can achieve the desired goals with your text.

– 02 –

Editorial work: multilingual copywriting

Take advantage of our professional editorial services for your cross-border corporate communication. At ASI we only hire native-speaker copywriters who are familiar with the culture, characteristics and expectations of the target group. They craft texts that bring across your message and captivate your target audience. In international campaigns we adapt the style to the specifics of local markets.

– 03 –

Creation: multilingual slogans and claims

Often, the shorter the text, the more work it entails. A strong corporate claim or advertising slogan attracts attention, brings the message across in a concise manner and is likely to be remembered. This requires an intuitive feel for the language, but also experience. Things become particularly tricky when the copywriting is to be done in several languages. Our global team of experienced copywriters ensures that your slogans live on.

Examples of copywriting/editorial work

  • Magazine articles
  • Blog posts
  • Claims and slogans
  • Editorials, speeches and forewords
  • Mailshots
  • Online content
  • Product content
  • PR and press releases
  • Technical texts
  • Advertising texts

Other services