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Copy-editing and proofreading

Show your company from its best side with ASI’s copy-editing and proofreading services.

ASI’s language professionals are happy to assist you in putting the final touches to your corporate texts. We will help you by copy-editing or proofreading your texts in German or a foreign language, depending on your needs. We go about each task diligently, and you can count on us to deliver the desired result in your target language.

Service areas

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Copy-editing: for smooth and fluent texts

The copy-editing services we provide bring your business texts to perfection. Not only do we correct formal errors, but we also rework the texts so that they have the desired content and style, implementing your corporate wording in the process. Strengthen your distinctive style in all your markets with ASI’s support – our expert copy-editors and PR professionals are intimately familiar with your topic and target group.

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Proofreading: for flawless texts

If flawless texts and printed forms are a priority for you, you need someone to professionally remedy errors. Play it safe with ASI’s proofreading services. We correct grammar, spelling as well as punctuation and ensure uniform wording standards. Proofreading is done in an editable format such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

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Pre-print proofreading: for texts with a harmonious look

At least two rounds of proofreading are needed before a typeset text is fit for printing or online publication. The proofs of a document are corrected directly in the layout. In addition, we check your texts for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation as well as typical typesetting errors such as incorrect hyphenation and missing diacritics. Here we also consider the look of the document, from line breaks to the positioning of text and images.

If you publish in several languages, we are also happy to assist you with our foreign language typesetting services.

Examples of the types of texts we copy-edit and proofread

  • Brochures
  • CEO letters
  • Textbooks
  • Flyers and folders
  • Annual reports
  • Advertisements
  • Customer magazines and employee newsletters
  • Mailshots
  • Sustainability reports
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Contracts
  • Forewords and prefaces
  • Advertising texts
  • Websites

Unable to find your desired text type in the list? Contact us – the ASI team will be happy to help you.

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